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Z Nation – Zunami Review


“Zunami” could be best described as claustrophobic. It’s not quite what I’d refer to as a bottle episode but much of this week’s story is contained to a few sets while Murphy is given the opportunity to wade through the zombie hoards. With a name like “Zunami” you may have expected a wave of zombie action and mayhem. Instead, we ended up with a rather disappointing experience.


Citizen Z’s encounter with a cosmonaut named Yuri started off as an interesting way to give is a little more insight into what life is like alone with food to last for decades. The problem is that it was obvious very quickly that Yuri wasn’t really there and the entire storyline ultimately had no bearing on anything whatsoever. We essentially spent the entire episode waiting for Simon to come to his senses and figure out the air filtration system was malfunction. So the entire encounter with Yuri, while cute, was ultimately fruitless from a narrative perspective. They have yet to find anything of substance for Citizen Z to do and this episode is no different.

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Z Nation – Doctor of the Dead Review


The long journey to unite Murphy with the military science team who plan to extract a cure from him looked like it was finally coming to an end but a detour took the group to a lab in Colorado and a discovery that could potentially shift the focus of the series.


The group spent most of the episode exploring the Colorado lab while searching for Dr. Merch. There were plot points that did a great deal to develop the history of this post apocalyptic zombie world they inhabit. The key development here is the introduction of patient zero, Doyle, a technician who worked in the lab and somehow became infected with the zombie virus despite following all protocols to ensure his own safety. The scene between Dr. Merch and Doyle did a good job of establishing the character’s fears and this really plays into the emotional impact of his situation when you see him later in the episode. It’s especially frightening when you consider that he may have been in that state for a considerable amount of time before the group showed up.

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Z Nation – I Give You Mercy Review


Z Nation has elevated its game to a whole other level after the events of “Resurrection Z”. The show has had a fairly decent start so far, with “Philly Feast” being the highlight of the journey. There have also been some middling efforts that have felt uninspired in a world packed with zombie fiction. Well, “Resurrection Z” best summed up as a statement that it’s capable of delivering a great mix of humor, action and heartbreaking drama.


After last week’s not-so-subtle hint of a growing romance between Warren and Garnett I admittedly expected there to be some sexual tension dangled for a long time prior to the two finally showing their true affections for each other. Well, the exact opposite happened. I guess in an apocalypse scenario there just isn’t any time for long, drawn out, courtships and it’s all about getting busy. Warren and Garnett have such great chemistry that the swift transition from friendship to romance was completely believable. Their awkward and hilarious attempt to have sex in that tiny room with that tiny bed was a great deal of fun. Maybe I should have picked up on the fact that things were happening a little too quickly.

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